coffee macbook planning
I'm sitting down with a delicious cinnamon latte in a huge double handled Costa mug that somehow made its way into my possession (*shifty eyes*), my yearly planner and my trusty macbook to restart my blog... AGAIN. I know I've done this multiple times since I created this blog back in 2012 but I think this academic year has been a really pivotal time in my life. I've moved cities from Birmingham to Leeds, been lucky enough to join the Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design course at Leeds College of Art and started getting the support I need to properly recover from anorexia. It's been an extremely challenging yet exciting six months and I feel more comfortable being me than I ever have done before. Which is kinda really super nice. To put it bluntly, I think I've finally got my shit together. Sort of. I've been keeping a blog since last September to document my artwork in order to fulfil part of the criteria of my course and I've really enjoyed seeing the progress that I've made and reflecting upon the things that I've done, which has made me want to start doing that on a more personal basis too. I've always been one to try and document as many memories as I can, whether it's through a quick photo (which may or may not make its way to instagram - gotta keep that aesthetic goin' strong) or through a tweet, but some things just can't be expressed in 140 characters. I don't want to pigeonhole myself with this blog too much as I want it to be more of a collection of things interest me, places that I've been and people that make me happy so I guess I'll just go with the flow and see where it takes me! (Side note: writing a blog post is extremely difficult without emojis, I feel like I'm being really blunt - please imagine me looking very friendly and smiley whilst typing this)

Love, Hails.


  1. So excited to start reading all your blog posts you beautiful being!

    Lots of love,
    Beth xox.

  2. Aw, Hails, great first post! Can't wait to see more from you :)

    Sam x

  3. Looking forward to your posts, pretty jel of your coffee mug to be honest! Haha

    Hannah x