Eating Disorder Recovery: It's Okay To FEEL.

[POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: I have tried to cover all topics in this post as mindfully as possible but if you are particularly sensitive to discussions about eating disorders and think you may be triggered by any of the following content then please don't read it!! Look at my room tour instead.] I'm bombarded on a daily basis with questions about recovery. Lots of them are from people who don't suffer with an eating disorder but maybe know somebody who does and want to educate themselves a bit more in order to try and offer support. The majority, however, are from people who are either contemplating giving recovery a go or have begun recovering and are looking for some reassurance to continue. I've been a bit hesitant to discuss recovery in depth on my blog because despite having extensive treatment for anorexia nervosa for the last 4 years I'd only consider my recovery to have started in October 2014. Prior to this I was discharged in late 2012 with a big "RECOVERED" label stuck to my forehead and sent on my way to deal with life by myself.