Elemis BioTec Skin Energising Range | Review

I change my skincare routine regularly in search of products that will address my multitude of skincare woes. However, a lot of products seem to have a nasty habit of initially working really well but failing to make a difference long term, which is why I never really share anything skincare related on my blog. I've been trying out the new Elemis BioTec Skin Energising range for around 3 weeks now and thought it'd be a good idea to do a "first impressions" of how I've been getting on with them.

The Instagram Recovery Community

I've spoken a lot on my blog about my personal experience with an eating disorder and most recently I touched upon eating disorder recovery itself, but I've never really spoken about something that was an integral part of my life for almost a year - the Instagram recovery community. I decided to write this post after revisiting my recovery instagram (now private and unused) and seeing people I care about still trapped in negative cycles. If you're part of this community or know someone who is then this post might shed some light on how potentially dangerous it can be to recovery. If you're unfamiliar with the Instagram recovery community then let me explain what it is. [Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders & Behaviours] [Long Post Warning]