Elemis BioTec Skin Energising Range | Review

I change my skincare routine regularly in search of products that will address my multitude of skincare woes. However, a lot of products seem to have a nasty habit of initially working really well but failing to make a difference long term, which is why I never really share anything skincare related on my blog. I've been trying out the new Elemis BioTec Skin Energising range for around 3 weeks now and thought it'd be a good idea to do a "first impressions" of how I've been getting on with them.

I've put all of my usual skincare essentials on hold for a while and switched fully to the new Elemis BioTec range, trialling the Skin Energising Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Cream. It's not very often that I use all of the products from a specific range (commitment issues?) so I was excited to see how they would work in conjunction with each other. The thing I like most about this range so far is that it looks, feels and smells so luxurious. Whereas taking my makeup off used to feel like an annoying chore at the last possible moment before getting into bed, I've found myself removing my makeup with the BioTec Skin Energising Cleanser* as soon as I get through the door. The cleanser contains a trio of acids which help to remove impurities, restore and brighten skin tone and encourage cell vitality for energised skin. These goodies are packed into a gel-like formula which foams up when massaged into damp skin. I've been using an oil based cleanser since Christmas and so switching back to a foaming gel formula was a bit of a shock to the system! However, I actually prefer this for cleansing as it leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated without the weird greasy feeling that sometimes remains with balm cleansers. It recommends using 2-3 pumps but 1 is more than enough for my whole face, meaning that this huge 200ml bottle is going to last me ages! Do be aware that this stuff stings like a bitch if you get it near your eyes though, so make sure you're using something gentler in that area!!

I've also been religiously using the BioTec Skin Energising Day Cream* and the BioTec Skin Energising Night Cream* in combination with the cleanser and I've gotta admit it, they're the best products I've ever used. Ever. They're both pretty similar in terms of appearance (I keep the night cream in my bathroom cabinet so I don't get the two mixed up!) and encompass a 2 phase approach when dispensing. I typically apply a pump of product to my fingertips, mix the cream and the serum together lightly and then apply evenly over my face and neck. I have quite dehydrated skin and so it sometimes feels quite 'tight' across my cheeks and forehead, but the Skin Energising Day Cream eliminates this problem and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple all day long. It also works as a perfect base for applying makeup without the need for a moisturising primer! For me, however, it's the Skin Energising Night Cream that is the real winner of this range though. As you can probably tell, I've used up a lot more of this than the day cream already, simply because it feels so damn good on my skin. I honestly cannot get enough of it!! The formula is light, smooth and quickly absorbed into my skin but the cooling and plumping feeling of having just applied to cream remains for a good few hours. I always apply this after removing my makeup and cleansing and then again before I get into bed. I now wake up with skin that feels rested, firm and super soft and it's a lovely feeling!

Overall, my skin feels smooth and looks even, which is something I never thought I'd be able to achieve as I'm prone to areas of redness around my nose and have quite a few dark marks and scarring from previous breakouts on my cheeks. These have almost completely disappeared in the last 3 weeks, so much so that I've started leaving the house without foundation or concealer! A miracle in itself. I'm going to post another review in a couple of months to see if they've managed to stand the test of time (for the love of my skin, I really hope they do) and offer any more lovely skin benefits! Until then, I'm going to continue enjoying having skin I'm happy with for the first time in years! :)

Love, Hails.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products for consideration by the lovely people over at Beauty Expert but all opinions are 100% my own! This range is real good stuff, honestly *heart eyes emoji*

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