☀ Posi-Post #1 ☀

I'm going to try and post a 'Posi-Post' weekly over summer to document good things that have been happening in my life in a long awaited attempt to become a more positive human! I get a bit down during the summer months (I'm 100% a winter person) and tend to view everything that happens between May and August with a negative mindset. I think that making a conscious effort to look for happy things will do me the world of good and hopefully lead to a mind full of happy summer memories!

I know some people can be a bit iffy about sharing your grades online, especially when it comes to creative subjects, as the skills you learn and the way you hone your own practice while at uni are arguably more important than your final grades. However, I often feel like I'm not good enough to be on my course as everyone is so talented and seems to have their shit together constantly, so it feels good to have my hard work acknowledged in some way. It's kind of like an affirmation that I do deserve to be there, regardless of how out of my depth I sometimes feel. I worked really hard this year but never thought I'd be able to achieve what I wanted (#selfconfidence lol) so I'm so happy that things have worked out! On top of that, I feel like I've really narrowed down what I want to focus on in third year and I'm surprisingly excited to properly start researching for my dissertation!

I don't get to go home very often (this will only be the second time this year, oops) as it can be quite expensive and I don't really have a proper bedroom, making it a bit awkward to stay for extended periods of time. However, I managed to get a fairly reasonably priced train ticket home this weekend so I'll be spending a few days back in Stourbridge! The main purpose of my visit is to celebrate Father's Day with my family but I'm also really excited to see my friends now that they're all back from university! Lots of catch ups, coffee and good times to look forward to :)

I recently managed to land myself a job in Leeds with a company whose ethos and ethics I really admire. It sounds a bit lame but I've been applying there since I was 16 and so I'm really happy that I'm finally getting the chance to work for a brand I can be proud of. Having a job also means being able to pay rent/live/do fun things and so I've decided to spend the summer in Leeds again! We move into our new house in a couple of weeks (which is a posi thing in itself) and I'm happy that I definitely get to be a part of the moving process. Leeds is the place I feel most settled and Joe is the person I feel most settled with, so I'm really excited to have 3 uni-free months to spend here in our lovely new house.

What good things have happened to you recently? I'd love to know! ☀

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