A Happy Milestone - 500 followers!!

Earlier this week I sat down to read through some of my favourite blogs on Bloglovin' and noticed that my own blog had reached 500 followers!! If you know me pretty well then you know that in the past I've given myself a really hard time about my blog - I felt like I was putting effort into something that I was never satisfied with and I was forever comparing myself to my favourite, more established bloggers. However, a few months back I read this post by my lovely friend Beth, whom I've followed and admired for years now, and I had a kind of epiphany. Beth touched on a few things that really resonated with me in regards to both my blog and my outlook on life in general. I realised that comparison really is the thief of joy and that I needed to take a step back and focus on my own journey. I revisited some of my very old blogposts from 2012 (no longer available for you guys to read, thank God) and noted down the things that I loved about blogging back then. I mostly used this blog to begin with as a way of recording memories, personal achievements and happy, exciting things that I knew I'd want to look back on in the future. The pressure that I put on myself to ~be the perfect blogger~ meant that in reality I'd become the shittest blogger ever because I was barely posting. Any post that I planned out ended up in the bin because I wasn't enjoying the content; the way I was writing didn't sound like me and I despised every photo I took because it didn't match the image I had in my mind. I decided to scrap the ideal that I'd built up in my head, stop trying to fit into one specific 'category' and just focus on being me. I know I haven't turned into some crazy blogging machine since but I've been really enjoying blogging again. I'm excited about the content that I want to create, the memories that I want to share and finally having the opportunity to share my artwork in a more detailed way. And I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for stickin' around, supporting me and encouraging me to carry on because I really appreciate it! ♥

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