☀ Posi-Post #2 ☀

I wanted to try and upload these Posi-Posts as often as possible but July got off to a bit of a rocky start and made being in a positive mindset that little bit harder. And, as usual, I fell into the trap of just letting life and its accompanying negativity wash over me and affect all the things I usually love doing. Grumpy Hayley reappeared in full force. It's a cycle that I've been trying to break for the past couple of years and although I'm getting better at restoring my mood balance, I still find it difficult to drag myself out of a funk. Luckily, I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel again and I've been able to reflect on the parts of July that I've really enjoyed so far!
At the beginning of the month we moved into our final year student house, which is exciting but also really, really scary! Our new home is a lot nicer than the one we lived in previously - it has original wooden floors, white walls and beautiful wooden beams in the bedrooms - and although there were some issues when we moved in, they're all sorted now and it's become a genuinely nice place to be. Joe and I are in the attic rooms this time thank God (basement dwelling for a year turned me into a beetle) and they're light, airy and have no sign of damp!!! What a luxury. As we're expecting to move in together post-uni *fingers crossed* we've invested more into furniture and accessories between us and so our space feels a whole lot more "us" than it did last year. Last year I really realised what an impact my surrounding environment has on my mentality so I've made it my mission this year to feel happy and comfortable in my house. I'm so excited to do a room tour and show you my cute lil workspace when all the final little bits and pieces have arrived!

It was my 21st birthday at the end of June and using a combination of much appreciated birthday money and hard earned wages I treated myself to the Olympus PEN E-PL7, which I've had my eye on for months. I remember bookmarking it online and thinking "ONE DAY" but I never thought that day would actually come, so it's been really exciting to actually get my hands on it! I never make large or extravagant purchases for myself so I did feel a bit guilty (and ill) after buying it but it's made taking photographs SO much easier and more enjoyable. I always write blog posts and then never have photographs that I think are good enough to go with them so I'm hoping it will improve my blogging consistency and general life documentation. Joe and I have also starting saving for a holiday (to Iceland, perhaps) so it will be good having a more compact camera to take with us! Vlogs, maybe?

Probably a bit of a weird one since it's summer and I'm meant to be relaxing but I've started research for my dissertation and I'm really, really enjoying it. My dissertation is going to be focused around material experimentation and manipulation through innovative technological processes, exploring the link between aesthetics and functionality in fashion and surface design! It's a bit of a mouthful but it's super interesting and makes me excited to start creating practical work to sit alongside it. I've also started creating some patterny work for an upcoming opportunity at uni and it feels so good to be designing again after a little break!

I always find that sharing happy things helps bring about more positivity so if you could leave some good things that have happened to you recently or some things that you're feeling positive about in the comments then it would be much appreciated! 
I hope you're all well!

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