The Sound of July ♫

I've never had the most diverse taste in music ever and sometimes I go months without listening to anything new at all, but recently I've been listening to music constantly and really enjoying it. There's something extremely motivating about listening to music whilst working and I love the positive effect it can have on my mood. I think working in retail and hearing the same songs over and over again is a very annoying effective way to get into artists I'd never usually listen to. Thanks to H&M's in store playlist I've seen my music taste do a complete flip this summer. I've been preferring more upbeat music and how summery it makes me feel. I've also just invested in Spotify Premium (after stealing Joe's for the last 2 years...) and I am really, really loving the Discover Weekly playlist so maybe sharing some of my faves will become a more regular thing! Please feel free to recommend me any artists/songs you think I'd enjoy and let me know your fave summery songs ☀

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